an Epic Comic book Adventure

Project: Saviour

A mysterious and dark future— here begins the rise of a new hero whose time has come.

Issue #5 — the calling -out Now

A couple of unlucky criminals discover there is something new to fear in the dark. Having created a new suit our new young must answer the call once again.
With a city under siege, innocent people are dying, and honest police are trapped in the line of fire. As he races against the clock Scyther has plans to take down the cities new hero.
It’s fight night..

Issue #3 — No more heroes

Having discovered a raging building fire our hero finds himself in a situation he was not prepared for. He can’t save everyone. Feeling guilty and full of anger, he tries to track down those responsible.

Issue #2 — Project Saviour

After the events of issue 1. We find our new hero at cross roads. Corruption and fear has him at the forefront of man hunt. Continue the fight or quit? Discover some of the answers to when his new gifts manifested and what new trouble lies ahead!

issue #4 — judgement

Trying to do the right thing is hard. Trying to be a hero is even harder. Faced with a choice our new vigilante must decide what kind of person he wants to be. With each choice comes consequences. Its time to be judged.




Craig Johnson is the creator, artist, and writer of the on-going comic book series Project: Saviour. Craig Johnson’s four issues released to date have sold more than 400 copies since he launched the series in 2018. He has also worked freelance for commissions such as front covers and storyboards.